Helicopters - Ocean Freight Helicopter Shipping by Ocean is safe, fast and efficient
Roll–on, roll-off vessels offer a cost effective option for your aircraft.

Fly-in or fly-out of the Port of Southampton right to the quayside.

These giants of the sea can often carry up to 7000 new passenger cars around the world, on 14 covered decks, offering protection and peace of mind for the manufacturer, seller or new owner.

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Either wheeled or skidded, MJS Shipping can offer you a solution. Engineering costs are kept to a minimum because in most case we only need remove the main rotor blades. Smaller helicopter can sometimes just have their blades folded back, for fast unloading and takeoff at your chosen destination.

Smaller helicopters can often be loaded in to Shipping Containers offering a truly worldwide, cross port option, hauling the container right up to the clients door,many, many miles inland.